it scares me how quickly a good thing can turn bad. when you start to wonder if the good thing was ever good at all, you start to question your own sanity and that's a scary feeling. everything you think you can rely on to be there suddenly starts flickering when you look directly at it, like you're looking at the sun. portions of your heart feel solid and the rest feels like jelly rolling off the side of a cliff. and it can happen so quickly.


RBP said...

Well, I hope you're still coming for New Year's. If you guys make it, then I'll have a representative from every time zone at the party. And for kicks, we will make those people ring in the New Year only when it's New Year's at their own house.
Is that stupid?
That's stupid isn't it.

Maybe we'll just play twister and listen to oldies.

caddycompson said...

my first comment! i always knew i could count on you, jfm. of course we'll be there to ring in the new year w/you AND our cool friends. it can be done, i'm sure.

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